Questions regarding a carrier you were gifted? Want to learn to use a woven wrap, ring sling, or stretchy carrier? Find wearing uncomfortable, or have questions about how to wear after a cesarean section? Let me help!

Virtual Support

(Via Zoom, or other platform you are comfortable with) We will start by talking about your needs and desires in regards to babywearing, as well as your child’s needs. There will be time for practicing with your carriers and troubleshooting- we will do this with and without your child until you are comfortable via a detailed lesson. If you do not yet have a carrier, I can do a show and tell with the carriers I have and share their benefits/restrictions. I’m a saavy shopper and will share my resources and tips for purchasing a carrier in your price range.

1 hour, $45
Or, $15 for 15 minutes (Maximum 30 minutes)

Deluxe Package

(In your home, or local park or space where you are comfortable.) As with online, we will begin by discussing your needs and desires around babywearing, as well as the needs of your child. I will bring a suitcase of all my carriers (including wraps), as well as a weighted doll for practice and we will begin with a quick summary of each carrier type and the benefits/drawbacks. Then, we will move into a detailed lesson and practice (with a weighted doll, and then with your child) with the carrier you are most interested in or own. I am happy to share resources and tips for purchasing a carrier in your price range. For babies and kiddos of all ages, including multiples.

Generally around 2 hours, untimed, $100

Troubleshooting Session

We work with the carrier you have for quick fit checks and adjustments, perhaps what worked when kiddo was younger isn’t working as they grow, or you may have a new injury or change in physical ability requiring adaptive techniques. This can also be a time for learning a new way to use your carrier (for example, a new wrap tie or using a carrier on your back). There is generally only time to work with one carrier style. Also can be done with any age kiddo/s.

1 hour, $60

Before and After Package

(In your home, or local park or space where you are comfortable) In the time before baby is born the parents generally have more bandwidth for learning how to use their carrier, or about carrying in general. This can be to help choose a carrier based on basic instruction for the carriers I bring in a suitcase. These sessions are focused on wearing a newborn, and you will have hands on experience with carrying a weighted doll before baby arrives. After baby is on the outside with you we will have a shorter meeting to troubleshoot and have more hands on help.

Two sessions, both untimed, $140

**I am always available by e-mail, text, facetime, zoom, whatsapp, etc. to support former clients**

All services are on an open-sliding scale.  Cost should not be an obstacle for anyone needing care, or wanting to baby wear. Prices are suggested rates, pay only what you are able, or offer me a trade. I am a human needing to support my family, but I am very passionate about babywearing and support being accessible to all.

Postpartum Doula Care

Highly individualized support in order to provide the new/growing family with care that suits their circumstances, and to help ease the transition into new parenthood.  

Support can include…

  • Lactation counseling, and/or bottle feeding support.
  • Recipes and direction for preparation of simple, nutritious meals tailored to your dietary needs and healing.
  • Non-judgmental emotional support such as listening and helping with processing the birth experience, answering questions, special focus on tending to the emotional well being of the birthing parent.
  • Education concerning newborn care to help parents become familiar with umbilical cord care, soothing, feeding, sleep, infant massage, bonding, infant development, and more.
  • Support via email/text for any questions that arise between or after check-ins.
  • In person may include: light cleaning, meal preparation, hands on care for baby to allow birthing person to care for themselves, laundry for the baby/birthing person, potentially care for animals (experienced with chickens, horses, goats, cats, dogs) 

In Home Care- Free initial consultation.  $35/hour (no travel fee within 20 miles of Canaan, NH)

In Arms Package- 3 weeks of support, 2 days per week (18 hours total) $625

Carry Package- 6 weeks of support, 2 days per week (36 hours total) $1150

Virtual Care- Free initial consultation. First session (1 hour): $50, all other sessions $30/hour.

A doula for every person who wants one.

The Dona Vision

Birth Doula Services:

It is my role to offer emotional, physical, and informational support to the birthing person. It is my goal for you to feel capable and prepared for the experience of birth- this can mean addressing preconceived notions around labor and birth, and offering tools for you to reach a state of trust for your capacity and ability to birth, and more.

  • 1 hour interview (in person or virtually) to assess if you want to work with me.
  • 24/7 on-call for your labor, starting at 38 weeks 
  • Continuous labor support wherever you are birthing
  • Immediate postpartum care including feeding support​

​​Basic Birth Support: $800

  • 1 hour interview (in person or virtually) to assess if you want to work with me. 
  • Two prenatal visits
  • Unlimited phone/email support
  • 24/7 on-call for your labor, starting at 38 weeks
  • Continuous labor support in your birth environment
  • Immediate postpartum care, including feeding support
  • One postpartum visit​

​Comprehensive Birth Support: $1200

Gift Certificates

Contact me to arrange a gift certificate for a consultation or package for a special someone.  Can be a mix of babywearing education and doula services.

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